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Job enrichment can be described as a medium through which management can motivate self-driven employees by assigning them additional responsibility normally reserved for higher level employees.

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Job enrichment definition is a more comprehensive approach, it involves increasing both the number of tasks the worker performs and control the worker has over the job.Job simplification a statement of employee characteristics and qualification required for satisfactoryperformance defined duties define.Job enrichment. satisfaction. this respect for the individual can be lost.With this method, employees get a holistic view of the organization.It is an idea that was developed by the American psychologist Frederick Herzberg in the 1950s. It.

Job enlargement is a method of job design through which management increases the scope of a job through extending the range of its job duties and responsibilities generally within the same level and periphery.It is an idea that was developed by the American psychologist Frederick Herzberg in the 1950s.Job enlargement involves combining various activities at the same level in the organization and adding them to the existing job.A management tool used to motivate employees, by adding responsibilities in the job is known as Job Enrichment.Statement of problem Job design is the intentionally planned structuring of work effort performed by an individual.Job enrichment allows for worker growth and improvement while job enlargement simply allows for worker contentment.

Job enlargement involves combining various activities at the same level in the organizati.Job enlargement or horizontal loading refers to the increase in task or job activities.Job design (also referred to as work design or task design) is the specification of contents, methods and relationship of jobs in order to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the social and personal requirements of the job holder.

Job Enrichment Job rotation and job enlargement seemed promising but eventually disappointed managers seeking to counter the ill effects of extreme specialization.

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The purpose of this study was to provide empirical evidence as to the job satisfaction levels of academic faculty in Pakistan and to determine as to whether job enrichment factors are reliable predictors of their job satisfaction.


Job enrichment supplies a variety of different tasks to one job position whereas job enlargement supplies more of the same or similar task to a job position.

Job enlargement: expanding tasks (or points of transformation) to be completed by an individual or work team.

Autonomous job groups are self-administered groups that implement their own job enrichment and goals.A job design technique that is a variation on the concept of job enlargement.By doing this, employees feel like their work has meaning and is important to the company.