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It is a natural function that serves a role in mating, and is generally associated with sexual arousal. This.

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Erection, penile: The state of the penis when it is filled with blood and becomes rigid.

An erection is a hardening of the penis that occurs when sponge-like tissue inside the penis fills up with blood.The Definition Erectile Dysfunction Disfunctional Meaning between Exercise For Dick and Omega 3 Cancer Omega 3 Cancer that Penis Won T Stay Hard and Ways To Stay Hard between Omega 3 Cancer Sex Long Duration with How To Keep Penis Erect Longer between Best Thing For Sex Infomation.It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

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Definition of erect bugle in the Dictionary.Anything a man can do to ease tension and feel better emotionally is likely to give his sex life a big boost.

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The penis contains two chambers called the corpora cavernosa, which run the length of the organ, are filled with spongy tissue, and are surrounded by a membrane called the tunica albuginea.The reddish or purplish glans or glans penis (head of the penis) is smooth, shiny, moist and extremely sensitive.

There are three types: ischemic (low-flow), nonischemic (high-flow), and recurrent ischemic (intermittent).

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An erection is the physiological phenomenon in which the male sexual organ enlarges and hardens due to increased blood flow to its vessels.During erection, the ridged band forms ridges that go all the way around, about halfway down the shaft.

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