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In December 2007, prior to surgery, the surgeon requested an evaluation of my lungs as well as heart.

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FEF25-75% stands for Forced Expiratory Flow Between 25 and 75 Percent of FVC (Forced Vital Capacity).Pulmonary function tests are not generally indicated in patients without symptoms, and they may be confusing when nonpulmonary diseases that affect the pulmonary system are active.Why is carnon monoxide used in DLCO studies instead of oxygen.

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It is determined from the time in seconds at which 25% and 75% of the vital capacity is reached.

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FEF25-75% - Forced Expiratory Flow Between 25 and 75

Step 1: Look at the Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) result to see if it is within normal limits (see table below).Pulmonary Function Testing Neil MacIntyre MD Duke University Medical Center Durham NC.

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BACKGROUND: Total lung capacity (TLC), forced expiratory flow between 25 and 75% (FEF 25-75% peak expiratory flow (PEF), or post-bronchodilator volume response is recommended to detect obstructive abnormalities in the lung.

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The goal is to get you up to that global normal: 80% at the least.

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This is a calculation of the average flow rate over the center portion of the forced expiratory volume recording.

Conclusion: Children with well-controlled asthma, based on their symptom assessment, may have persistent abnormal lung function.Objective This study was designed to detect the most sensitive index for the diagnosis of asthma and to determine the correlation between FEV-1 and FEF25-75% indices and asthma.

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Chapter 7 Illustrative Cases on PFT Table 7.1 lists the normal values for the most important PFTs and their grading of severity.Pediatric studies by Devika S Rao, et al have shown that variability of FEF 25-75 by 30% should be considered a potentially important spirometric variable that can be used as a marker of BD responsiveness.

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The large airways appear to be within normal limits but the fef25-75 is suboptimal.

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Step 2: Look at the Forced Expiratory Volume in One Second (FEV1) to see if it is within normal limits (see table below).FEF25-75% represents a well-established indi- cator of small airway disease now for decades, however, and It has been demonstrated that asthmatic patients do have remarkably lower FEF25-75%.

Small Airways The pathophysiology in asthma involves not only the proximal large airways, but also the distal small airways The small airways are an important.Get the Medical definition of FEF25-75 by All Acronyms dictionary.

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